Foundation News & Events

Recent Donations

  • Phyllis Meserow Bequest:  $25,000 to support Meserow Family scholarships - half-tuition scholarship for sophomores available next fall
  • Anitra "Kid" (Wilcox) Ahlstrom Memorial Scholarship:  $1,000
  • Thomas R. and Gertrude A. Regan Scholarship: $10,000 ($500/year)  

Annual Report FY 13

Highlights from the Friends of the Campus Annual Report for FY 13 - view the entire report through the link

  • Assets up 14.4% -  Century Club Partners endowment fund up 19.2%
  • New funding sources $32,861


  1. Build infrastructure to maximum efficiency by 2018
  2. Remove reliance on endowment for operating expenses by 2015
  3. Offer five full-time scholarships to attract top talent by 2018
  4. Build endowment to $1 million by 2020
  5. Build a joyful culture of substantial and intentional philanthropy within both the local and alumni communities

Upcoming Events

14th Annual Grape and Gourmet Gala

April 23, 2015  •  Trappers Turn Golf Club
Gourmet Food and Fine Wine - $125