How to access materials off campus

The library provides an easy way to access online resources from off-campus. UW-Colleges students, staff and faculty with Internet access can connect to most of the library's subscription databases and electronic journals from home by using the links below (a few titles are licensed for on-campus or in-library use only).

If you are using a commercial Internet Service Provider, such as America Online or RoadRunner, you will be directed to a login screen: You will then need to enter your UW-Colleges LAN ID number and password: If you don't remember your login password, visit the password reset website.


Student ID# 60328400001234567
Social Security# 123-45-6789
Birthdate: 05/21/81

  • User Name (Your LAN ID number): smitj3456
  • Password (Your LAN Password): 6789!!81 – Note: this is your initial password, until you change it.

Signing in requires that your browser accept cookies. You may experience connection problems if you are behind a firewall that blocks certain web access or are using a nonstandard or older version of a web browser.