Faculty Experts

Many UW-Baraboo/Sauk County faculty members are available as speakers or consultants. Contact the individuals below to set up speaking engagements, interviews or other services.

You can find a brief description of our speakers and their area of expertise below. For more information, download the full informational document.

Claire Reinke: Writing the College Admission Essay Statement

Writing Tutor 
Associate Lecturer, English

Claire can provide advice and tips for how to write a solid application essay statement to UW system schools and private universities. 

Phone: 608-355-5208
Email: claire.reinke@uwc.edu

Marc Seals: Introduction to a Major Author/Theme, Major Literary Eras of the U.S.

Associate Professor of English

Marc can present on many authors and themes, including Edgar Allan Poe, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gwendolyn Brooks, Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, Neil Gaiman, Cervantes, American Transcendentalism, and detective fiction. He can also speak on major literary eras in the United States with an emphasis on Modernism.

Phone: 608-355-5244
Email: marc.seals@uwc.edu

Anette Kuhlmann: Sociology

Anthropology and Sociology Departments

Annette is available to speak on sociological issues with an emphasis on comparative criminology.

Phone: 608-355-5207
Email: annette.kuhlmann@uwc.edu

Mike Jacobs: U.S. History

Associate Professor of History

Mike can present on any requested theme dealing with the history of the United States.

Phone: 608-355-5285
Email: michael.jacobs@uwc.edu

Noah Anderson: Cadaver Lab Tour

Assistant Professor of Biology

Noah can provide a presentation and hands-on experience for those interested in the campus' cadaver lab. He is also available for general campus tours and information sessions.

Phone: 608-355-5254
Email: noah.anderson@uwc.edu

Kirthi Premadasa: CALC Fest

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Kirthi is available for CALC Fest, a written calculus competition for high schools in the region. He can also set up resource workshops for high school teachers.

Phone: 608-355-5254
Email: kirthi.premadasa@uwc.edu

Matt Fencl: Various Health and Exercise Science Topics

Assistant Professor of Health and Exercise Science

Matt is available for a variety of topics and issues relating to health and exercise science. He's also a personal trainer, certified exercise physiologist and is a certified First Aid/CPR/AED instructor.

Phone: 608-355-5247
Email: matthew.fencl@uwc.edu

Susan Anderson: Menu Planning for Time and Financial Management

Food Service Manager

Susan is available for presentations, question and answer sessions and can provide handouts relating to menu planning. 

Phone: 608-355-5205
Email: susan.anderson@uwc.edu