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The mission of the Center for Wisconsin Archaeology at UW-Baraboo/Sauk County is to conduct archaeological consulting, as well as assess and preserve archaeological resources within Wisconsin. The CWA at UW-BSC also provides various outreach programs on Wisconsin archaeology such as presentations for public and school groups and tours of regional archaeological sites.


  • Archival research - uncovering previous written records (i.e. previous reports, published research, etc.) associated with the project area.
  • Phase I surveys - surveys range from surface surveys to excavation shallow dig pits within the project area.
  • Phase II evaluations - this includes setting controlled test units dug at specific levels within the project area.
  • Phase III mitigations - data recovery; analyzing all artifacts and data that were recovered from the excavations conducted at a project area.
  • Wisconsin burial sites - Wisconsin is known for it's mysterious burial mounds (effigy mounds, Man Mound, etc.). Most were destroyed over time. CWA has qualified archaeologists to oversee projects that may impact known burial sites.


  • Presentations to civic groups
  • Keynote speakers for annual conferences
  • Programs for school groups
  • Tours of regional archaeological sites

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Please contact us to discuss how we may tailor programs to fit your specific needs:

George W. Christiansen III 
(608) 355-5256

Archaeology Excavation at Picnic Point