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Multi Camera live switched events

Human Interaction with Wisconsin's Natural Landscape

Series of lectures on campus in Fall of 2008, a project of the Wisconsin Humanities Council's "Wisconsin: Making it Home Initiative"

  • Michael Goc: Social History and the "Natural" Landscape
  • Tim Malzahn: New Eyes: Wisconsin Landscapes and the Ice Age Trail
  • Choris Low: Everything Has a Life and a Spirit
  • Jerry Apps: the Influence of Agricultural Technology on Wisconsin
  • Joe Van Berkel: Rivers: The Lifeblood of our State

HIS 255

Professor Michael Jacobs History class presents their studies to the public.

  • 2003: Life in Baraboo in 1900s
  • 2005: Children of Sauk County: Depression Years
  • 2006: People of Bluffview: Badger Village

CHE 155

Professor Tom Neal's Honors Chemistry course puts on a show to the general public.

  • 2005: Wonderful World of Color
  • 2006: A Night of Chemical Magic
  • 2007: Booms, Bangs and Chemical Reactions
  • 2008: A Night of Enchanted Chemistry


Summer Recap, 2005

Highlight of Campus events over the summer 2005.

  • Audience: Members of the collegium, who were away for the summer
  • Budget: none
  • Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
  • Interesting fact: Climbed hill 2 weeks after injuring toe in freak lawn mowing accident

Summer Recap, 2007

Highlight of Campus events over the summer 2007

  • Incorporated original works into format
  • Student produced first segment
  • Interesting fact: Several ideas were "scratched" due to "political issues"

"Pi Day" (2006)

This video is a “documentary” of sorts. Each year the UW Baraboo Math department has sponsored “Pi-Day.” (March 14). In 2006, the department asked the faculty and staff to recite Pi in their “native” tongue, or a second language. The department also wanted to present themselves outside the classroom. A party was staged where each person came with dressed with their “out of classroom” personas. The director was happy to sponge of the party treats.

Part 1: The speaking of PI
Part 2: Mathematics Department "PI Party"
Part 3: Pie eating contest

"Pi Day" (2008)

A NFL film-like take of the days events.

Professor Michael Jacobs: "Nativis Propaganda in American History" (2007)

The professor needed to pre-record this lecture for the UWC Institute on Race and Ethnicity.

"To Build a Bridge" for Professor Christa James-Byrnes EGR 105 (2008)

Professor James-Byrnes teaches almost exclusively Distant Education courses. Since the instructor is at a distant site, she cannot see the work involved "behind the scene." For this class, the local Baraboo students had to construct a bridge. This clip shows the team doing a brief once-over before it is tested with by supporting a ream of paper for 2 minutes.

Marc Seals -D2L (2009)

Professor Seals gives a testimony to the UW College's CMS system.

Cinco de Mayo: Rube Goldberg Experiment (2009)

CHE 255 Honors Class Celebrates with a Rube Goldberg contraption to open a Pinata'

A Tribute to Dean Emeritus Aural Umhoeffer (2002)

In celebration of over 30 years of service to UW Colleges, this Flash montage was made for her celebration retirement dinner. The event was also four input switched for projection purposes.