UW-BSC Archaeology Club to Hold Sixth Annual Artifact Show and Identification Day


In a region as rich in prehistoric artifacts as south-central Wisconsin, any farmer tilling a field or homebuilder digging up an empty lot can become an amateur artifact collector and a student of prehistory.

Area residents who have uncovered Native American arrowheads, spear points, stone tools or other artifacts will once again have the chance to have an expert identify their finds when the UW-BSC Archaeology Club holds its Sixth Annual Artifact Show and Identification Day on Saturday, May 4.  Artifacts from around Sauk County and Wisconsin will also be on display.  The event will take place in the UW-BSC Lange Center Cafeteria from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  It is free and open to the public.

Professionals will be on hand to identify artifacts, answer questions and inform participants about the approximate age of their collections.  Buying or selling of artifacts is strictly prohibited.

Says UW-BSC Dean and CEO Thomas Pleger, who has a doctorate in Archaeology, "We are pleased to host this event during Wisconsin's Historic Preservation and Archaeology Month, which takes place in May of each year.  Our archaeologists will be on site to share their expertise with the public by answering questions and making identifications."

For more information, visit the UW-BSC website at baraboo.uwc.edu or contact Professor George Christiansen:  george.christiansen@uwc.edu.


George Christiansen
(608) 355-5256