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Men's and Women's Soccer Coach

Omar Parra | Cell: 608-408-9569 |Home: 608-415-5409 |  


Team Schedule

Soccer 2016 Match Schedule
Date Opponent Time Location
Mon, Aug 15 First Practice Noon home
Fri, Aug 26

9th Annual Alumni Game

4:00pm home
Wed, Sep 7 UW-Richland 4:30pm away
Fri, Sep 9 UW-Sheboygan 4:30pm home
Mon, Sep 12 UW-Fond du Lac 6:00pm away
Wed, Sep 14 UW-Rock County 4:30pm away
Mon, Sep 19 UW-Waukesha (Mirr Pleger Rivalry Game) 4:30pm home
Sat, Sep 24 UW-Washington County Noon home
Mon, Sep 26 UW-Marathon (3rd Annual Food Drive) 4:30pm home
Wed, Sep 28 UW-Richland  4:30pm home
Fri, Sep 30 UW-Fox 4:30pm Away
Oct 8, 12, 14 WCC Tournament TBD  TBD

Team Records and Stats

  • Points Leader: Tyler Stowers-63, Jesse Greenwood-50, Garet Sagami-45 
  • Goals Leader: Tyler Stowers-28, Jesse Greenwood-22, Garet Sagami-21
  • Assists Leader: Mark Hollendyke-11, Joshua Zwick-10, Mike Holzem-10
  • Hat Tricks: Garet Sagami-3, Jesse Greenwood-2,Mike Holzem-2, Anthony Hoeschele-2, Emmanuel Perez-2
  • Goalie Shutouts (8 Game Minimum): Dakota Berg-5, Colin Scanlon-2, Cory Ables-2, Logan Rabata-2
  • Goalie Save Percentage (8 Game Minimum): Dakota Berg-88.69%, Cory Ables-80.81%, Colin Scanlon 77.72%
  • Goals Allowed Per Game (8 Game Minimum): Dakota Berg-1.46, Logan Rabata-2.20, Colin Scanlon 2.39