Dance team performs at basketball halftime
UW-BSC volleyball team

Athletics & Recreation

At UW-BSC, we recognize sports and recreation as an important part of the overall college experience. Our Fighting Spirits athletic teams compete in the following intercollegiate sports:

  • Women's volleyball
  • Men's and Women's soccer
  • Men's basketball
  • Men's and Women's tennis

UW-BSC also has a Dance Team and Outdoor Club, as well annual Codger-Brat softball and Spirit Games competitions. And, for as many months as the weather allows, you'll find plenty of students and community members out enjoying our disc golf course.


All UW-BSC students have access to the on-campus Lange Center athletic facilities, including the gymnasium and racquetball courts, fitness center, weight room, dance studio, and locker rooms. Outdoor tennis courts and disc golf course are also located on campus.

A reminder that University locks are the only ones allowed for use in the athletic locker rooms.  Last warning, locks will be cut off on Friday, October 11th.


For more information about athletic opportunities or facilites, please contact:

Jason Schulte
Athletic Director
(608) 355-5252

Paul Butrymowicz
Student Activities Coordinator

(608) 355-5318