Musa Ayar

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Musa Ayar

Associate Professor; Assistant Professor

Umhoefer Bldg, A72
(608) 355-5287
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 T    12:30PM-2:00PM

Thr  12:30PM-2:00PM

or by appointment

I have an MS and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin and I am currently an Associate Professor of Economics and Business here at Boo U. My main areas of expertise are market regulation and business marketing.  I regularly present my work at international academic conferences. I also have done consulting in the areas of business marketing, survey design, and economic impact analysis. Moreover,  I proudly serve as a commissioner for  Baraboo Economic Development Commission. In my free time, I volunteer for, and manage, a non-profit organization. Finally, if you can not find me in my office during the day, then it is very likely that I am playing ping-pong right next to Student Government Association's Office:)
Curriculum Vitae 

Working Papers

``Who Buys Granite Countertops? A Preliminary Local Market Demand Analysis, 2015"

``The Economic Impact Study of University of Wisconsin-Marathon County, 2014"

``The Economic Impact Study of University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County, 2014 "

``The Effect of Commute Time on Academic Performance of Freshman and Sophomore Students"

``Does Targeting Uninformed Consumers with Informative Advertising Improve Welfare?"

``Does Generic Entry Increase Brand Name Drug Prices?"

``Do Vertical Mergers Facilitate Downstream Collusion?"

``The Dynamics of Price and Advertising as Signals of Quality, " EPRI Working Paper \# 2007-4.

``R\&D and Recall for New Drugs Under Asymmetric Learning," with Hugo Mialon

``Response to Competitive Entry: Signal-Jamming"

Research in Progress

``Twitter Back channeling to enhance learning and engagement: A multi-disciplinary study."

``T-bone vs. Rear-end Car Accidents: A New Approach to Traffic Control"

``Antitrust in Innovative Industries Under Business Cycles"


PhD, Economics, University of Texas at Austin
MS, Economics, University of Texas at Austin
BS, Mathematics, Bilkent University