What is Work-Study?

Work-Study is federal student aid that is based on need and awarded as part of the total financial aid package.  Most student positions on campus require work-study funding for eligibility.

  • Students must complete the FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) to see if they qualify for work-study. If they do qualify, it will be listed on their PRISM Student Center page under financial aid. Students must accept work-study on their PRISM account before they inquire about jobs.  Contact the campus Solution Center with questions.
  • Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credits during the semester that they want to work. If their enrollment falls below 6 credits, the student is immediately terminated from their student job(s).
  • A student must be enrolled in classes in order to work. If a student withdraws from school, the student is terminated from their student job(s) on the last day of enrollment.
  • A student must make satisfactory academic progress (SAP). In other words, a workstudy student needs to keep moving toward degree completion by earning passing grades and completing at least 2/3 of their classes. If a student has a SAP hold (financial aid suspension) placed on their record, the student may not work until the hold is removed. Contact the campus Solution Center with questions about reinstatement.

How to apply

All positions accept an application which can be emailed to the contacts listed below. Some positions will accept an online application.  Positions that accept online applications are indicated in the contact sections below.

Federal Workstudy Positions

On-campus employment that is part of a financial aid award. Any UW-BSC student who is enrolled at least half-time and has a workstudy award may apply. 

Administrative Services Mail/Copy Room Assistant
 - OPEN for Fall 2016

Perform administrative duties and/or special projects for faculty and general office services including main campus telephone, copying, stocking supplies, filing and mailroom. Availability from10:30-12:30 preferred. (8-10 hrs./week)
Contact: Apply online with a web-based applicationor email Gus Bonow

Athletic Department Assistant - OPEN for Fall 2016

Open gym, organize equipment, provide supervision for campus recreation program, and assist at athletic events. Help organize and conduct tournaments, publicize recreation and athletic activities, and help with scoring/clocks/keeping statistics at athletic events. Other duties as assigned. (5-8 hrs./week)
Contact: Apply online with a web-based applicationor email Jason Schulte

Athletic Department Videographer - OPEN for Fall 2016

Film the home athletic events for soccer, volleyball, Men's and Women's Basketball and Tennis.  Help compile the video to DVD and prepare for uploading to the web. (5-8 hrs./week)
Contact: Apply online with a web-based applicationor email Jason Schulte

Art Department Assistant OPEN for Fall 2016

Duties include: clean, prep, and organize art studio, materials, equipment. Organize Art Dept Library. Assist in rotating campus Permanent Art Collection on campus. Work with visiting artists to install exhibitions in the campus art gallery. Prior experience in Art is helpful, though not required. (6-8 hrs./week) 
ContactLetha Kelsey

Biology Lab Assistant OPEN for Fall 2016

Work with maintenance of animals and cultures of living bacteria/fungi; do preparations of nutrient media for the cultures to grow on and for use in bacteriology course; wash lab glassware; weed/water greenhouse duties. (3-5 hrs./week) 
ContactNoah Anderson

Business Office Assistant - CLOSED 

Support for Business Office operations: filing, copying, auditing reports for accuracy, creating signs and announcements. Strong attention to detail is essential. Cash handling experience preferred. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite programs and general office equipment is helpful. (4-8 hrs./week; Monday/Wednesday/Friday availability preferred) 
ContactGus Bonow

Chemistry Lab Assistant - OPEN for Fall 2016 

Clean lab equipment and assist in organizing equipment/materials for upcoming labs. No previous Chemistry experience required. (3-5 hrs./week) 
Contact: Stephen Swallen

Distance Education Support Assistant - OPEN for FALL 2016

The position offers the opportunity to work with latest technology. Responsibilities include insuring class connection for Distance Education courses; accepting papers and sending homework to distant education instructor; and incurring class closures. (3-8:30pm)

Contact: Matt Warming

Food Services Assistant - OPEN for Fall 2016

Assist with general food service operations including taking food orders, cashier operations, serving and clean-up. Operate specialty coffee machine. Multiple positions are available. (8-10 hrs./week with a meal per shift included) 
Contact: Susan Anderson or Apply online with a web-based application 

Library Assistant
 CLOSED for Fall 2016

Check out library materials to patrons, re-shelve returned materials, process new items and interlibrary loan requests, help maintain the library collection and assist with various duties as assigned. (8-10 hrs./week)
Contact: Apply online with a web-based applicationor email Bob Oneson

Maintenance Assistant
 OPEN for Fall 2016

Maintenance and cleaning, which may include mowing, snow removal, painting, cleaning and other tasks. (4-6 hrs./week) 
Contact: Apply online with a web-based applicationor email Steven Schara

Music Department OPEN for Fall 2016

Maintain music files; pulling and filing music for choirs and bands; copy music and assignments for music classes; other duties as assigned. (4-6 hrs./week) 

Solution Center Assistant

Perform administrative duties and/or special projects for the Solution Center. staff. This includes greeting current, prospective, and alumni students; answering the telephone, scheduling appointments, copying, stocking supplies, and filing. Fluency in the Spanish language a plus. (10 hrs./week)

Contact: Apply online with a web-based applicationor email  Gabe Riviere

Theatre Department Assistant - CLOSED

Perform theatre duties given by Director. (2-4 hrs./week) 

Contact: James Wagoner

University Relations Assistant

Assist with UR projects, including publications, the campus website, and social media. Strong computer skills required. Writing, photography, video, and/or desktop publishing skills are a plus. (4-6 hrs./week)
Contact: Shawna Connor

Community Service Positions (workstudy award required)

Off-campus employment with various non-profit organizations in the Baraboo/Sauk County area. Any UW-BSC student who is enrolled at least half-time and has a workstudy award may apply. 

Baraboo Public Library - OPEN for Fall 2016

Shelve & put away library materials. Complete pick lists and assist with other collection maintenance tasks such as discarding and repairing materials. Assist with cleaning duties such as dusting or sweeping. Regularly communicate with supervisor and other library staff to discuss plans, share information, and receive direction. Other duties as assigned. (10 hours/week)

Contact: Zach Ott
(608) 356-6166

Habitat for Humanity - OPEN for Fall 2016

Restore-Sales and Cashier: Greet customers, run the cash register, and assist customers on the floor. Perform other duties around the ReStore as directed by management. (8-10 hours/week)

Contact: Tim Schulenburg (ReStore Manager)
(608) 356-0332

Sauk City Library -OPEN for Fall 2016

Shelve materials; complete collection maintenance task such as discarding, processing and repairing materials; assist in special projects and programs; help with various duties as assigned.

Contact: Emily Judd
(608) 643-8346 

Campus Contact for Student Employment

Gus Bonow