Strategic Plan

2012-15 Strategic Plan

I.   Maximize student success

a.   Increase recruitment

UW-BSC will build upon several years of significant growth and will work to recruit additional students from our immediate service area and beyond.

b.   Increase retention

UW-BSC will increase the first-to-second year student retention rate. UW-BSC will update and enhance the First and Second Year Experience programs.

c.   Increase alumni contact

UW-BSC will create better connections with alumni to generate political and financial support for the campus. 

II.   Focus on excellence for faculty and staff

a.   Increase faculty and staff health and morale

UW-BSC will create a campus culture that promotes an environment that emphasizes the development, recognition, and support of the faculty and staff.

b.   Attract and retain high-caliber faculty, staff, and volunteers

UW-BSC will provide a culture of respect for the individual, a sense of the common good, and avenues to recruit, develop and encourage motivated, high-quality volunteers. UW-BSC will develop opportunities and funding for professional growth activities available to the faculty, staff, and volunteers.

III.  Develop sustainable, innovative facilities and infrastructure

a.   Improve existing facilities and infrastructure

UW-BSC will use evidence-based best practices in facilities planning and management to improve existing internal and external campus facilities. UW-BSC will strive to make decisions that promote sustainable practices and efficient use of resources.

b.   Construct new facilities

UW-BSC will build new facilities which better foster interdisciplinary innovation and collaboration, enhance learning environments, provide space for public and private partnerships in theoretical and applied research, integrate emerging technologies, and preserve natural and financial resources through sustainable design and operations.

IV.  Promote entrepreneurial program and fiscal management

a.   Increase and diversify revenue streams

UW-BSC will expand and diversify its resource base and revenue streams to promote sustainable campus reinvestment initiatives.

b.   Increase innovation in fiscal and program management

UW-BSC will advocate for flexibility in resource management and removal of legal, political, and policy barriers to success. UW-BSC will promote a culture of responsible financial stewardship and foster creative, entrepreneurial experimentation and advancement.

V.    Support and enhance positive relationships with communities

a.   Increase general awareness and positive perception

UW-BSC will continue to expand its presence in the community through strategic campaigns in the areas of social media, marketing, and community outreach programming.

b.   Expand programming based on community need

In areas of credit and non-credit programming, UW-BSC will work with the Community Advisory Board, Student Government Association, Foundation, Campus Commission, and community partners to develop a better understanding of, and response to, growing and emerging needs in our communities.

VI.   Build and maintain effective collaborations

a.   Collaborate with multiple groups

UW-BSC will continue to work with its partners and community stakeholders to develop collaborations with K-12 districts, local Wisconsin Technical Colleges, the Ho-Chunk Nation, UW-Extension, and sister UW campuses.

b.   Continue to create collaborative partnerships for degree programs

UW-BSC will continue to partner with other higher education institutions to provide additional degree opportunities at the baccalaureate and graduate degree level. UW-BSC will develop the BAAS degree in collaboration with UW Colleges and UW-La Crosse.

VII. Increase diversity and global awareness

a.   Encourage exposure to genuine global perspectives

UW-BSC will foster a sense of global awareness by providing exposure to issues that include different perspectives of gender, philosophy, ethnicity, and religion.

b.   Increase diversity on campus by outreach, recruitment, and retention of international/diverse faculty, staff, and students

UW-BSC will provide a welcoming environment for all who work, teach, and learn here, thereby fostering academic success, personal growth, and professional development for the campus community.