Meet The UW-BSC Community

UW-BSC Student Gerri Rogers

Gerri Rogers

UW-BSC Student

I'm a first year student, majoring in environmental science. I chose UW-BSC for its small town location, campus size, and affordable tuition. I’ve participated in Baraboo Food Pantry drives and worked with other students to develop a Community Resource Guide for the local hospital. I was also featured in the UW-BSC Library's Sustainability Series, where I talked about my experience living off-grid for two years in northern Minnesota.  

Being a non-traditional student, I’ve been surprised at how accepting and nice the younger students have been. Despite the age difference, I’ve made many wonderful friends. I feel fortunate to have been able to start my college career at UW-BSC.

The professors and staff are amazing. I’ve gotten to know my professors one-on-one, and they are accessible and always happy to help. UW-BSC is a positive and productive environment with strong community ties, where everyone wants to see students succeed and will help in any way they can.

UW-BSC alum Chelsie Lee

Chelsie Lee


After UW-BSC, I transferred to Edgewood College to finish my Bachelor's in History. I plan to complete my Master's in Education, and maybe pursue a Ph.D. Then I'd like to teach history, political science, or geography.

I loved the closeness of the Baraboo campus. You see your professors outside of class AND they know your name. I was in Outdoor Club, and the camping and skiing trips top the list of my favorite college experiences. Oh, and the Boo-U fitness classes are AWESOME!

What makes UW-BSC different? The small classes are, of course, a major asset. And the professors truly are top-notch. They guide you and nurture your learning the entire way. Nonetheless, they are tough and the workload is not easy, and that prepares you for work at other universities. 

At one point after getting to Edgewood, I was having some trouble in one of my classes. I sent a quick email to one of my Boo-U professors, and he explained the material in a way that was more accessible for me. The connections you make at Boo-U really do carry with you.

If you're in high school and concerned what your classmates may think because you're going to Boo-U, don't worry. Half of them will be coming home second semester to join you. And you'll receive a great education at Boo-U, bottom line. Theirs is not better than yours.

Hometown: Baraboo, WI
Attended UW-BSC: 2008-2010
B.A. in History, Edgewood College
M.A. in Education (in process), Edgewood College

Professor Matt Fencl

Professor Matt Fencl

Assistant Professor of Health & Exercise Science

I grew up around sports, so it's no surprise that I became interested in the fields of health and exercise science. I especially enjoy teaching others how to improve their health and fitness and structuring activities that allow them to do so. I come from a rural area, so I appreciate the intimacy a small campus can provide.

My favorite part of teaching at UW-BSC is the people. The students and colleagues I get to work with are amazing. There is definitely a positive vibe here, and it’s no wonder UW-BSC is called the "happy campus" among the UW Colleges.

Why is UW-BSC the best start for students? The easy answers are the low student-to-faculty ratio, the affordable tuition, and the high-quality education we provide. The best answer, though, is simply the experience. You have the opportunity to get involved with so many different things: music, theater, athletics, student government, or just about any club or organization that piques your interest, if you take advantage of it.

UW-BSC Alum Ryan Petty

Ryan Petty


I earned my associate's degree at UW-BSC and then transferred to UW-Madison to finish bachelor's degrees in biology and biochemistry. After completing my Ph.D. in biochemistry, I hope to teach undergraduate life sciences at a small university or attend law school with a specialty in patent law.

I chose UW-BSC for several reasons. The professors were incredibly knowledgeable, not only in their academic areas of expertise but also in developing students academically and professionally. in addition to having class sizes ten times smaller than intro-level courses at UW-Madison, UW-BSC also saved me thousands of dollars in tuition compared to going straight to UW-Madison.

At UW-BSC, the small class sizes allowed me to develop excellent relationships with my professors during the most formative years of my post-high school academic life. Transferring to Madison with all of my pre-requisites in place allowed me to focus all my academic time on the courses for my major, which I believe gave me a leg-up on many of my fellow classmates. I was also able to take courses for pleasure (like Latin and Opera Appreciation) without having to worry about fulfilling requirements.

My advice to new UW-BSC students would be to get involved in campus and community groups, take some courses just for fun, always give yourself some downtime, and know that you are getting your money's worth many times over.

Hometown: Baraboo
Years attended: 2005-06
B.S. in Biology & Biochemistry, UW-Madison
Ph.D. in Biochemistry, UW-Madison

UW-BSC alum Laz German

Lazarus German


After I graduate from UW-Madison, I plan to attend graduate school in material science. I initially want to go into research and development on nanomaterials and electronics. Eventually, I'd like to manage a team of engineers and scientists, like a boss.

What makes Boo-U different? All of it – the community and student involvement, the enthusiasm of the faculty and staff, and the diversity of the courses and student orgs, to name a few.

Boo-U offers the same level of education as any UW school. It's also much less expensive, so it gave me a lot of freedom to explore different fields. I was planning on going into 2-D art at the end of high school, decided on music when I got to UW-BSC, switched to mechanical engineering, considered chemical engineering, and finally decided on material science and engineering.

As a Boo-U student, I was a pretty busy. On the academic side, I worked as a peer mentor and tutor. Outside of class, I was an active member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Green STEM Club, Student Ambassadors, Disc Golf Club, Outdoor Club, and Student Government Association. I wasn't very involved in high school, but I became an instant addict once I got a taste at Boo-U.

My advice to new students would be: don't be afraid to explore your potential. If a class sounds interesting to you, take it. If a student organization sounds cool, join it. The connections, friends, and experiences you make will be ones you remember your entire life. 

Hometown: Prairie du Sac, WI
Attended UW-BSC: 2009-12
Major: Material Science and Engineering (in process), UW-Madison

Professor Marc Seals

Dr. Marc Seals

Associate Professor of English, Honors Program Coordinator

I came to UW-BSC in 2006 after teaching for seven years at the University of South Florida. I was a bit nervous about what I’d find in moving from Tampa to Baraboo. First of all, the people here are unbelievably nice. Secondly, the cold and snow still beats hurricanes!

When I'm not teaching, cycling is one of things I love to do. Riding down one of the hills of the Baraboo Bluffs is the closest thing to flying that does not require leaving the ground...

I initially had concerns about what life would be like at a college with a student body of around 600 students. I am pleased to say that this is an excellent place to get a world-class education. Students who choose to begin here get personal attention from professors, not teaching assistants. It's easy to be anonymous at one of the larger campuses in the UW system, but at UW-BSC you are part of a real community.

UW-BSC alum Janna Marschall

Janna Marschall


After completing my studies at UW-BSC, I transferred to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I plan to complete my undergraduate degree in psychology and go on to medical school in order to work in the field of oncology.

UW-BSC really was a great start to my college experience. The work was challenging, as to be expected, but it was great preparation for transferring and finishing my education. The professors were very hands-on and always readily available to help students in any way.

My favorite part about being a student at UW-BSC was the environment. From the students to the professors, everyone was very friendly. I liked the beautiful campus, the warm environment, and how it was like a family. 

Hometown: Mauston, WI
Attended UW-BSC: 2010-12
Major: Psychology (in process), UW-La Crosse