Technology FAQs



How do I log on to UW-BSC Computers?

Active UW-BSC Students: Enter your user id & password. 
If unsure or you forgot your password, go to Access your user id & password 

How do I connect my UW-BSC email to my phone?

Stop into the Library or email Instructions for iOS and Android available.

Why doesn't D2L work on my home computer?

 Try running the D2L System Check

I'm a student, how do I enter my worked time?

Student Entry Timesheet VideoTutorial and Student Timesheet Entry Documentation

What do I need to know about printing on the UW-BSC campus?

UW-Baraboo/Sauk County runs a printer management software, PaperCut, to regulate each student’s printing account.  Each student printing account will be issued a $10.00 initial fee starting balance per academic term. Accounts will be reset at the start of a new Fall academic term.  Balances which remain per semester will be added to the new semester’s initial fee. Students will be charged $.10 for black & white prints and $.25 for color prints. The print driver’s will default to duplex. An individual can change their preference to print on a single sided page.  Students may add dollars to their account for additional pages at the library's Answer Desk.  Purchases are non-refundable. 

  • Use the print preview function to check your page count and format before you print.  Be prepared to see your printouts back-to-back.

  • Print labs: There are black & white and color printers available to students in A-104 , A-216, and the both library computer areas. Black & white printing is also available in the Academic Success Center. 

  • Print assistance: Available from the Answer Desk staff in the Library.

Where can I make copies/scans on UW-BSC campus?

In the Library. You can either make print copies ($.10/page) or scan to an email account using the scanner in the Library.