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Winter/Spring 2015 Youth Classes




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Join us for a full week of mornings exploring various art forms and working in the art studio on campus. Instructors will provide opportunities to explore painting, sculpting, drawing, and more! The week wraps up with a showcase
reception for families of participants. This program is for the budding artist who loves art!

Monday-Friday, July 27-July 31st • 9 am-12 pm
Fee: $125 (includes all art supplies)

SPECIAL NOTE: Summer 2015 Middle School Art Academy classes will take place
the week of August 3-7 in the afternoon from 1-4 pm. Classes will include, drawing
and painting, stop motion animation and more.


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Learn how to create an animated short movie! Spend a week learning how to make your art move across the TV screen by using a digital camera . We will experiment with found objects, drawing, and modeling clay to create characters, scenes, and stories. Take home a DVD of your movie to share with your family.

Instructor: Megan Watson

Monday-Friday, Aug 3-7 • 1 pm-4 pm
Fee: $125


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Haute couture garments are described as having no price tag - in other words, budget is not relevant. Each couture piece is not made to sell. Rather, they were designed and constructed for the runway, much like an art exhibition with examples such as a shopping bag coat...functional  or Nick Cave inspired sculptural sound suits. Using unconventional materials artists will design their own piece of clothing with a more artistic and sculptural style. The piece could be based off old school styles, armor , dress or completely sculptural. No sewing required.

Instructor: Cindy Zemanovic

Monday-Friday, Aug 3-7 • 1 pm-4 pm
Fee: $125



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We will be diving into the world of painting and drawing with a variety of projects including observational drawing, abstract painting and design projects. If you love to learn about famous artists and create your own art, this is the class for you!

Instructor: Kate Clasius

Monday-Friday, Aug 3-7 • 1 pm-4 pm
Fee: $125



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 Anyone can take a picture, but to become a photographer you have to see the world around you in a unique way. In this class we’ll cover photography basics such as composition, exposure and lighting, then go beyond that to learn how to take creative portraits of your friends, action shots, artistic nature photos and abstract pictures. Participants should have a camera with some adjustable settings (digital is best) and be prepared to share new photos for our hands-on workshops each day. Fee includes a print package of your best work on archival-quality paper.

 Instructor: Christina Beam

Monday-Friday, Aug 3-7 • 1 pm-4 pm
Fee: $125


Boo U Glee Returns

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Musical Directors: Katie James and Michael Etzwiler

Do you love Glee on TV? We will make it a reality! Come join us for a week of music and movement culminating with a live performance starring YOU! We are looking for 5-8th graders who love to sing and dance and generally enjoy music. This summer at UW-Baraboo/Sauk County you can be a part of the third annual middle school show choir arts camp. You will spend a week of afternoons singing, dancing and putting together a performance for a showcase appearance at the Summerset Festival of the Arts at the UW-BSC campus as well as a preview performance for Thursday evening July 30 before Baraboo’s evening downtown Concert on the Square.  It is important that Glee workshop participants are available for both performances.

Monday-Friday, July 27-31st • 1:00-4:00 pm
Fee: $125 (includes materials)



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Instructor: Dr. Mike Jacobs, UW-BSC History Professor

Give yourself the best chance for a great exam score by learning key points test examiners look for as they grade the tests. High School AP History class teachers cover the course materials and give you the history material that is important for you to know. Dr. Mike Jacobs will add to this by sharing his knowledge of the testing process that he gained from the past nine years as a AP US History and World History test grader as well as a reviewer for course syllabus of AP US History and European History. Dr. Jacobs will help you to practice the way you organize your answers to essay questions to help increase your scores.

Monday, April 27 • 6:00-8:30 pm
A-154, Aural Umhoefer Classroom Building
Fee: $15, includes practice materials



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Instructor:  Shawndell Marks

Singer/Songwriter/Pianist, keyboard instructor & band coach for Girls Rock Camp, Madison

This will be a dynamic workshop for youth grades 5-8 interested in the art of song craft.  The class will cover:

  • Basic rhyme schemes
  • The importance of creativity
  • Song structure
  • Writing prompts
  • How to make lyric writing more accessible
  • One-on-one songwriting guidance

No prior songwriting experience necessary.  All levels welcome.

Saturday, May 2nd • 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Band and Choir Rehearsal Hall & Keyboard Lab; Fine Arts Building
Fee: $49



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Instructor:  Shawndell Marks
Singer/Songwriter/Pianist, keyboard instructor & band coach for Girls Rock Camp, Madison.

This is a fun, light-hearted introduction to basic piano chords and pop piano technique for students grades 5-8.  This class will cover:

• Basic Music Theory and how it relates to pop music

• How to create a chord progression suitable for lyrics

• The art of improvising

• How to create a musical "hook"

• Various rhythmic patterns

All piano experience levels welcome.  

Saturday, May 16th •   9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Band and Choir Rehearsal Hall & Keyboard Lab; Fine Arts Building
Fee: $49



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“In all of history, no children have had more money of their own, have had more pressure to spend it, and have needed more guidance on how to do it than the kids of the 21st century."

– Knight A. Kiplinger

Cow-onomics, adapted from Northern Michigan University’s Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, introduces students in grades 3-5 to economics and entrepreneurship with fun, hands-on learning activities. With the collaborative efforts of UW-Baraboo/Sauk County and the Sauk County UW-Extension staff, students will learn about productive resources, marketing, opportunity costs, saving, earning, spending, investing and more. Students will focus on the dairy industry as they meet a real calf, produce ice cream, design creatures out of cheese and participate in small marketing groups to create ideas and problem solve in the world of an entrepreneur. This fun, summer, hands on learning opportunity will be offered:

Monday-Friday, June 22-26th • 9:00 am- 12:00 pm
Classes will be held at McFarlanes’
780 Carolina Street in Sauk City

Due to special collaborative efforts, volunteer involvement, and donations, the cost for this program will be only $25 per student. Enrollment is limited.



Currently Full.  Please call to be placed on our waiting list 355-5220

Instructor: Mike Pullen
Computer Guy, Baraboo School District

This popular program returns to campus with a new showcase competition, and improved software and robot design. This is an intense 4-day robotics program for ages 10-13. Each student will build a robot that will compete against other students’ robots! Robots will be built with interchangeable parts, and will be fully programmable by a personal computer. Flashing lights, moving motors, wheels, levers and arms will be at your command. Innovation and creativity are required. Students will learn about electronics, physics, computer programming, and maybe how what you learn in math class helps you build a robot!

Monday-Thursday, June 29-July 2nd
10:00 am-3:00 pm
Fee: $99


Sherlock Holmes!​

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Instructor: Marc Seals

This week long summer class is for middle school age students who love to read. Join Dr. Seals as he--along with Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes himself--takes us on a journey through the foggy streets of Victorian London solving mysteries.  The game is afoot!

Monday-Friday, July 6-10th • 1:00-4:00 pm
Aural Umhoefer Classroom Building
Fee: $89 (includes materials)



Class Ended Feb 21st

Attention: High School Students!! Nail the ACT!
Your ACT score is too important for you to walk into the test unprepared! Learn strategies for test taking; solving math problems in algebra, geometry and trigonometry; proper use of English; and analysis and interpretation of scientific research summaries. Master basic concepts, strategies and reasoning skills and then practice the skills under “real” test conditions. All areas covered will include both content and test taking strategies. You will learn from top-notch instructors in Math, Science, English and ACT preparation.
Enrollment is limited!

Saturday, February 21 • 8:30 am-4:00 pm
Aural Umhoefer Classroom Building
Fee: $59, includes practice materials