Professional Development

UW-BSC Continuing Education offers a variety of non-credit professional development opportunities for students and community members.

Winter Spring 2015 Professional Development Classes


Practical Marketing and Communication Strategies to Fit Your Business Needs

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Instructor: Don Stanley
Don Stanley is the owner of 3Rhino Media, a social strategy business as well as instructor for social media, web strategy, and marketing strategy in the Department of Life Sciences Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Different social networks have distinct characteristics, different features, and are used to develop a two-way communication and marketing strategy for your organization. Don Stanley will demystify the social media world and help you understand what you can be doing & what you should be doing to increase sales and customer service by using these tools. When used strategically, these digital marketing tools are proven to grow your business, increase website traffic and overall sales and customer service. Don Stanley will help you with an understanding of these social networks and practical, how-to techniques to integrate social networks into your organization or business.

Friday, April 24th • 9-11:30 am
Rodem’s Room, Aural Umhoefer Classroom Building
Fee: $69

Measuring Your Impact: Survey Workshop

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Instructor: Cate Booth, Academic Librarian, UW-Baraboo/Sauk County

Surveys are often the tool of choice when you want to determine how to meet the needs of your customers or measure your organization’s impact. But do you know which survey software to use? When a survey will meet your goals? Knowing which question type will gather the best responses and choosing the right survey style for the situation are essential for capturing meaningful information. Learn which survey tools are available for free, how to choose question types and some basic guidelines for writing survey questions.

Tuesday, March 31st • 5:00-7:00 pm
Campus Library Computer Lab
Fee: $29


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Instructor: Jack Harkins; Founder of Harkins Leadership Development Corporation

Learn the latest in leadership skills while gaining valuable management insight. Learn how to:

• Balance workplace conflict with proactive resolution

• Recharge your team’s emotional battery & turn the negative into positive

• Inspire quality at all levels of the organization

• Deliver criticism without creating conflict

• Eliminate the fear of confronting employees

• Handle employees with bad attitudes

• Attract, retain, and inspire quality employees

Thursday, April 9th• 8:30-11:00 am
Rodem’s Room, Aural Umhoefer Classroom Building
Fee: $79


Are there skills you need to make a job change or advance in your career?  There are several classes both in person and online available to build skills without enrolling in a degree seeking program. Come learn about the many class options created just for you. Or maybe you have always dreamed of earning a college degree? Attending college after being away from school for a while can seem impossible. Whether you are raising a family, working a full-time job or have alternative obligations, we are here to help you earn a degree, because we believe nothing (not even a busy schedule) should stop you from achieving your goals! Did you know?

• If you have been out of high school for more than 3 years, you do not need to take the ACT test to enter college

• College graduates have higher earnings and lower unemployment than workers who have less education.

• Better educated adults report themselves in better health, regardless of income. Children raised in an environment where education is important are more likely to earn higher grades and pursue higher education themselves.

• There are many options/formats for learning: on line, face-to-face, blended classes with some face-to-face and some online.

• UW-Baraboo/Sauk County offers associate degree and bachelor degree programs.

• There are many financial aid options to assist you, including scholar­ship opportunities specifically for Returning Adult Students. View them online at

Let us help set the foundation for a successful learning path for you. We can explain and help you access education options, guide you to resources to strengthen your math and reading skills, and prepare you for success as a university student.

Come to a FREE information session on campus, where we will offer a free career exploration tool to help get you started. Take advantage of the resources available to you at UW-Baraboo/Sauk County.

Thursday April 9, 6-7:30 pm

Executive Dining Room, Lange Center


Please register by calling Cindy McVenes at 608-355-5234.



Call 608-355-5220 to register for June session

Instructors: Kathy Thornburgh and Ann Renn
School Counselors Baraboo High School & Mental Health First Aid USA Instructors

Just as CPR helps you assist an individual having a heart attack — even if you have no clinical training —Mental Health First Aid helps you assist someone experiencing a mental health related crisis. In the Mental Health First Aid course, you learn risk factors and warning signs for mental health and addiction concerns, strategies for how to help someone in both crisis and non-crisis situations, and where to turn for help. In this class, you will have the opportunity to practice through role plays, scenarios, & activities making it easier to apply these skills in a real-life situation.

When you take this course, you learn how to apply the Mental Health First Aid action plan in a variety of situations, including when someone is experiencing:

1 - Panic attacks

2 - Suicidal thoughts or behaviors

3 - Non-suicidal self-injury

4 - Acute Psychosis (e.g., hallucinations or delusions)

5 - Overdose or withdrawal from alcohol or drug use

6 - Reaction to a traumatic event

Who should take this class? *Anyone that works, lives or is around people (police, nurses, educators, members of faith communities, social workers, caring citizens, etc....)

Thursday, June 18, 2015
8:00-4:00 pm
Rodem’s Room, Aural Umhoefer Classroom Building
Fee: $99 (includes Adult Mental Health First Aid Manual)

* You will receive a certificate upon completion of this 8-hour training.



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Instructor: Jack Harkins; Founder of Harkins Leadership Development Corporation

Lots of people get nervous when speaking in front of a group of people. Jerry Seinfeld once joked: "At a funeral, the average person would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy." Whether you are giving a sales presentation, giving a speech, or just talking in a meeting, you can learn how to take your presentation skills to the next level while lowering your anxiety.

You will find this 90 minute workshop highly entertaining, extremely practical and filled with simple tips to help you anytime you're in front of a group of people. We also guarantee you will not be told to picture your audience in their underwear. Come join us, this will be fun. 

Thursday April 23rd • 9:00-10:30 am
Rodem’s Room, Aural Umhoefer Classroom Building
Fee: $49