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UW-BSC Continuing Education offers a variety of non-credit computer courses for students and community members.

Fall 2014 Computer Classes



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Instructor: Terri Nee-Holtz
Once your worksheet is created, it can be difficult to find a formula error. Use the feature Trace An Error to identify the formulas and cells that are causing the error. Here are some of the features this class will cover:
a) What-If Analysis with Goal Seek: Allows you to explore the impact of changing different values in a worksheet.
b) Create and chart a One-Variable and Two-Variable Data Table: Useful to determine the impact of different values. IE Impact different interest rates and the length of mortgage on the calculated monthly payment.
c) Scenario Manager: Each scenario includes a scenario name, input or changing cells, and values of each input cell. The number of scenarios you can create is unlimited.
d) Pivot Tables and Charts: An interactive table used to group and summarize a range of data or an Excel table into a concise, tabular format for easier report and analysis.

Friday, November 21 • 12:30-3:30 pm
Campus Library Computer Lab
Fee: $39


Please check back in December for our Winter 2015 Schedule of Classes