As part of our Institution's Educational Outreach to our area's K-12 schools, and governmental agencies we can on occasion reach out to assist in our area of expertise.

Youtube Channel

Sauk County Institute of Leadership

  • Class project 2010
  • Wrote, shot, produced, narrated and edited


Collaborative Summer Library Program

  • "The One World, Many Stories: Foreign Language Helper"
  • Video clips for Local Libraries Summer children's programming 2011; distributed to 43 states.
  • Anne Horjus, Children's Librarian, Baraboo Public Library, Producer

Language Helper

Sauk County Fall Arts Council

  • Agreement between UW B/SC Media Services and Sauk Arts Council to produce Interviews for Fall 2009 art tour
  • Shot over summer 2009

Baraboo Chamber of Commerce

  • 2008 debate between incumbent Rep JA "Doc" Hines and Mr Fred Clark.
  • Mutli input production, complete with audio only capture

Baraboo School District

Jamie Vollmer

  • Friend of Public Education, Presented to Baraboo February 8, 2007
  • 3 Camera shoot
  • Broadcast over public education access channel

WI State Superintendent Elizabeth Burmaster

Burmaster addresses Baraboo School District's New Teacher's Academy in held in the Wankerl Cafeteria on August 11

Gordon L Wilson Elementary

Play on March 28, 2007

Al Ringling Theater 90th Anniversary

Shot in conjunction with 90th anniversary showing of first theater production of "Lady Luxury 2005"