Media Services & Office of Instructional and Information Technology

Media Services collaborates with faculty, staff and students to communicate their concepts, ideas, and knowledge more effectively and efficiently. This is accomplished by consulting users on the design, development, production and deployment of instructional materials using traditional and emerging technologies. We provide support for the following:


  • VHS deck 
  • DVD player
  • Document Camera 
  • Laptop connection (standard RGB & mini audio in)
  • Built-in CPU (Windows 7, front USB ports )

LTDC (Learning & Teaching Development Center)

  • Slide scanning 
  • Document scanning
  • PDFs
  • Digital photo editing
  • Incorporate video (e.g. current news features) into digital (IE power point)
  • Podcasting pre/post production

Video Production

  • Write, shoot, edit original video programming (Example: Honors projects)
  • VHS duplication 
  • DVD transfer

Student Labs

  • A5 multimedia machine capable of video capture and digital media creation
  • Scanner - Windows 7 and Office 13

Building Monitors

Have a message you want to see on the campus monitors? We'll let you know who can post it for you.

Phone System



  • Assist with traditional websites
  • Assist with D2L sites

RG Brown theater

Production elements

Instructional Technology Tools

Student Email

The Colleges use Microsoft @Live for its email package. Students are required to use their UWC email for correspondence with their instructors. Instructors may not reply to a hotmail address of the likes of toohotforyou @

Using your UWC email ensures that the instructor is receiving email from you. Anybody can register an email address with your name (ie: myname @; but only your UWC account, short of you giving away your credentials, ensures that communication between you and your professor remain that way. Access your Student E-Mail.

Note the robust features of @Live. You can work from home or in the labs.

  • Online Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint (90% of what you use Office for is contained in the online versions of these applications).
  • SkyDrive (no need to store on campus netowork Z drive. Store all documents here and access them at home or on campus).

UWC Distant Education (DE)

WislineWeb (WLW)

WislineWeb uses an audio and computer link so that faculty and students can talk to each other and edit each other's documents in a real time classroom setting.

Compressed Video (CV)

Compressed video uses audio, computer links, and video connectivity so that faculty and students can not only converse but can also see each other in a real time classroom setting

Distance Education Classrooms

There are three Distance Education classrooms; two equipped for compressed video; and all three equipped for WislineWeb.

Room A75: Lower level, Aural Umhoefer building, is the primary Distance Education compressed video classroom. Room equipped with Polycom VSX8000

Room A159: Upper level, Aural Umhoefer building, is the large compressed video classrooms. Room equipped with Polycom VSX8000

Room A166: Upper level, Aural Umhoefer building, is the primary WislineWeb classroom

In addition, we have a portable polycom HDX8000 that can be set up in any room on campus.

Video Conferencing: Compressed Video Use Policy & Rental Information

Rooms A75 will seat 8 and A159 can seat 16. Both are equipped with Polycom VSX8000s. Call 608-355-5225 for details.


Media Services will train and avise facutly and staff on a number of client based or internet-based applications. Products include:

  • D2L
  • Office Products
  • Photo/Video imaging appliacations

Media Services also coordinates with UW Colleges to supplement trainings.

Student Z Drive

All UWC students have a Z drive.The Best Place to save your work is on your Z: Drive. There is an icon under "my computer" called Z: Drive. Double clicking on this icon will open your Z: Drive -- your personal storage space, identified by your username, which you can access from any computer on campus. If you Z drive is not there, you still have your "SkyDrive" on your UWC email.


Q. Where is the best place to save my documents?

The best place to save your work is on your your SkyDrive. Back up on your Z drive. There is an icon under "my computer" called Z: Drive. Double clicking on this icon will open your Z: Drive -- your personal storage space, identified by your username, which you can access from any computer on campus.

Q. Why can't I get my document off my floppy disk?

Do not use floppies. They are obsolete. (See next question) Chances are the floppy disk is damaged. We suggest using your SkyDrive for documents. For safty, if you need to take a document home with you, you can e-mail it to yourself as an attachment (and go home and log on to e-mail and open the attachment)

Q. How do I get stuff back and forth from home to campus?

Store it on your SkyDrive. Another option is you can e-mail it to yourself as an attachment (and go home and log on to e-mail and open the attachment) Students have their SkyDrive, which is part of thier school email package. ITS recommends investing in a USB memory stick. You can get a fair amount of transportable memory (If a gig of memory is plenty) for less than $50. You can get these sticks at any computer store or on-line. Buyer beware! Some of these USB memory sticks install their own software. This is a proprietary software that is not needed; but it will prevent you from using your memory stick in a secure environment, for UWC does not allow persons to install their own software. In other words, your drive will not "map."

Q. How can I do school work from home without having Office installed?

Use the @Live package included with your UWC Email pacakge. Look for the following on your UWC email.

Q. How do I check my paper account balance?

The first $10.00 (200 print) of printing is included in student fees. Your account balance pops up when you log on. To check your balance, select "PaperCut" from the favorites in the browser. Additional pages can be purchased in pack of 200 ($5) from the Business Office (A115). This a no carry over policy from semester to semester.

Q. What is the link for Desire 2 Learn (D2L)?

D2L (Desire2Learn) is the College's online course management system. Instructors use it to post homework, grades, monitor on-line discussions and general announcements about the class. Log in to D2L using your UW username and password.

Q. How do I listen to audio in the labs?

You can bring in your own headphones, or you can check them out from the Library or Media Services. There is a head phone jack on the front of the CPU chasis, which is under the desk.

Q. What is a Z: Drive?

It is a network drive that is backed up every night. You can use it on any computer on campus. Always save your work in your Z: drive, as it is much more reliable than a floppy disk. It will stay in that folder until you delete it. Each student has a 50 MB limit on the Z: drive. (Faculty are mapped to the "H" drive.)

Q. Why am I getting a message that says I can't receive anymore emails?

When you delete something from your Inbox, it isn't really deleted. It puts it into a Deleted Items box. Also, when you send an email it keeps a copy for you in your Sent Items box. If you want the Sent Items gone, delete them, and then go into Deleted Items and delete the messages from that folder as well. Once you clear out some messages, you will again be able to receive messages. Note you can send up to 50 mbs. Also be aware that a single attachment can eat up your email space.

Q. Why did I get an email from the Administrator saying my inbox is full?

Refer to question above. What this means is that your email account has too many emails. Try deleting your sent items folder or your deleted items folder. You also will have to download all attachements, then delete the message with the attachment.

Q. How do I check my school email?

Click "Email" in the top left corner of this website, and follow the directions on how to enter your username and password.

Q. How do I get wireless access?

The campus wireless system is now accessible to all students and staff through the captive portal system. Simply open your browser and agree to the terms and you will have wirelss access. No other action is needed.

Production Service

We are both a creative and a technically skilled team offering consultation, production and project management services for your interactive web and media strategies. Depending on the approach you choose we consult with you on effective uses of web and media technology for your instructional and promotional needs. Our team works with you from start to finish on the concept, design, development and implementation of your project. The outcome is a collaborative effort between us and you. Whether you are updating your website, adding content to a D2L course or creating media for and from an event, you are working with team members from Media Services.

Some of the skills we provide to complete your projects are:

  • Requirements and analysis gathering: the assistance for identifying what is needed to design a product or application solution for the intended audience
  • Instructional and informational architecture: effective organization and presentation of content that capitalizes on the strength of new media technology and delivery;
  • Graphic and user interface design and development: the development of a user interface to ensure the interaction is fluid, simple and intuitive and can be packaged for multiple delivery methods from DVD to Web;
  • Broad knowledge of multiple web engineering technologies: the experience and expertise to assist and recommend appropriate approaches to designing and developing products that work the way your clients expect them to work; and
  • Access to technologies with multiple functions: multiple web tools to meet the complex or diverse needs you have for your web and media audience.

Our goal is to improve user experience for useful web and media applications that instruct, inform and communicate to the UW Baraboo community and beyond. We apply usability and web analytics to make informed decisions and assist our clients in doing the same.

Examples of UW-BSC Productions

As part of our Institution's Educational Outreach to our area's K-12 schools, we can on occasion reach out to assist in our area of expertise. View some examples on our outreach page


Matthew P. Warming
Director, Instructional Technology/Distant Education
(608) 355-5225