Computer Policy
 & Usage

Passwords (Network/E-mail) 
Log On

Everyone on campus is required to log on to the computers with a user name and password. This has several benefits for you. It allows secure access to your e-mail, and provides the ability to save files to a backed up location on our servers (this is the My Documents folder or the Z: drive under My Computer).

We encourage you to save your files to this location so you don't have to worry about storing your info on unreliable floppy disks. Having you log on also allows us to track computer usage helping us to plan for the future.

Log Off

When you are done using a computer, be sure to log off: Click the Start button (lower left corner of the screen), Log Off, and Log Off again. If you do not log off, other users will have access to your files.

Student User Names

Your user name is the first FOUR (4) letters of your last name, the first letter of your first name, and the 5th through 2nd digits on the end of your student ID number. (i.e. LLLLF9999) You can find your computer and PRISM logon information on the PRISM Help Website.


Passwords consist of the last four digits of your Social Security number and two exclamation points + the last two digits of your birth year (for example 1234!!84). This will allow you to use the campus network, check your email, and print to campus printers.

Sharing Passwords

Sharing passwords is highly discouraged. Everyone has his or her own logon and password. If yours doesn't work, contact the IT Department (located in A10). Don't use someone else's user name.

Internet Usage

Appropriate Use

UW-BSC has gone to great lengths to provide you with state-of-the-art computing and printing equipment. This equipment is to be used to further your educational goals. We have installed the necessary software and provided Internet access for you to complete all your class work and related research. If you find that additional software would be useful in achieving these goals, please contact the IT Department (located in A10) and we will look into it. Under no circumstances should you install any software yourself.

Some files are inappropriate and against the UW Colleges usage policy. We ask that you not view/save any such files on campus computers. This includes, but is not limited to, pornographic images (JPG, GIF, etc.), copyrighted music (MP3, RM, WAV, etc.) or movies (MOV, MPEG, AVI, etc.), games (Yahoo, MSN, etc.), or unauthorized programs (ICQ, KaazA, Scour, etc.). Violation of the listed (or other) restrictions could result in a variety of actions, including restriction of or the complete loss of computing privileges at UW-Baraboo/Sauk County.


The IT Department does not monitor Internet/Email usage, but will check the servers and computers for questionable files (i.e. copyrighted material, illegal files, unauthorized programs, etc.) and will notify those users, as appropriate. Note: Information stored on the local hard drive is considered public information and will be removed as needed.


When using a campus computer lab, you will be printing to the printer in that lab. By default, our printers are set to DUPLEX printing. You need to open the printer to select single side printing. Each student is given 200 "prints."  Log in to check your balance from a campus computer, using your username and password.

There is one color printer for student use, and that is in A116.  Each color will deduct 3 "prints" from your account.

If you are using your own laptop, you will need to send the document to yourself in an email and print it from the workstation in the lab.


Authorized Software

Students should not install their own software on campus computers. Non-authorized programs will be removed when they are found and the "owner" will be warned. Repeated violations may result in restriction of or the complete loss of computing privileges.


Internet (or other) gaming within the General Access Computer Labs is considered inappropriate use because it interferes with the student who needs to do their work. We ask that you not play games on campus computers.

Microsoft Software

Several Microsoft products are available for purchase on the WISC Website for a very reasonable price. You will need a debit or credit card to purchase these items.

Virus Software

An anti-virus program has been installed throughout the network at the desktop, server, and email level. The program is updated daily and individual machines are set to update automatically.