Marketing & Communications Resources

Working with the Media

  • Campus experts list: If you have an area of interest beyond your field of study and would like to be added to our list of experts, please contact us.
  • If a reporter calls you: Let us know! We monitor contacts with the media, and we can also help you prepare for a media interview.

PLEASE NOTE:  All media requests for a response on behalf of UW-BSC should be passed along to Marketing & Communications.

  • Data and records requests: All media requests for records should be submitted in writing to the Office of Marketing & Communications.

  • Have news to share?  If you have a story idea that may be of interest to the community, please let us know. We can help you share the news via press release, feature article, and/or social media.

Publications & Promotions

While M&C's primary role is external relations, we also provide support for internal campus events and activities, when possible.

  • Creating a publication? M&C offers planning and creative services (writing, editing, photography, and graphic design) on a time-available basis. Contact us for more information.
  • Looking to promote an event? M&C also offers communications, social media, and marketing services on a time-available basis. Be sure to check out our Guide to Promotions, below. 

Guide to Promotions

Planned promotion is a key to success for any event. With proper notice, UR can help with:

  • Campus web announcements. Lead time: 1 week.
  • Media coverage. Lead time: 3 weeks.
  • Paid advertising. Lead time: 4 weeks.
  • Purchasing t-shirts, pens, and other promotional items. Lead time: 4-6 weeks.
  • Evaluating your promotions and developing strategies for improvement.

What You Can Do

Ideas for promoting your own event:

  • Put it on the events calendar (
  • Post it on the monitors (
  • E-mail faculty, staff & students (brb-staff, brb-students)
  • Send an Outlook invitation
  • Post flyers on campus & community bulletin boards
  • Chalk the sidewalks
  • Make table tents for the cafeteria and common areas
  • Use sign posts (contact maintenance, ext. 5259)
  • Stuff campus mailboxes 
  • Ask professors to make in-class announcements
  • Create and distribute posters
  • Ask local grocery stores to stuff bags with your flyers
  • Offer incentives (prizes, extra credit, refreshments) for attendance

After the Event:

  • Send thank-you notes
  • Assess the effectiveness of your promotions
  • Promptly process payment for print or ad services
  • Remove outdated postings from bulletin boards

Marketing & Communications Contacts

Press Inquires:

Rodee Schneider
(608) 265-9674

Marketing/Advertising Inquiries: