Fall/Spring Theatre Productions 


Story Theatre by Paul Sills


Thursday, November 30th @

Friday, December 1st @

Saturday, December 2nd @

Sunday, December 3rd @ 


Story Theatre is a Tony award winning show from the 1970's. It had over 200 performances on Broadway. Story Theater was also an improv company next door to Second City in Chicago for over 2 decades.

It is a compilation of Aesop's fables and Grimm's fairy tales, many we hope you'll recognize.

Light-hearted and tongue in cheek comedy, farm animals, crows, a cat and a dog, and a couple of murders, all fit together nicely to create a family friendly evening of amazing theater. This definitely isn't a snoozer!

Each actor will be playing a minimum of 5 characters and relying on costume changes, wonderful lighting and sound effects, an imaginative set, and improv skills.

12 student actors, 2 staff members, the entire theater production class, costume club, and a number of volunteers complete our production team.

Come give us a shot, support the arts, and expect to have a great time!


See you there!

Dr. Tom McEvilly