Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences

The University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences degree completion program is an emerging new option for scholarship in Wisconsin.  Admission and curriculum requirements are still in further development to offer more accessibility and flexibility.  If you are interested in pursuing a University of Wisconsin bachelor’s degree program in Sauk County, but don’t currently meet some requirements, please contact the Student Affairs office at 608-355-5230 or to be placed on a BAAS prospect list.  As requirements continue to be refined, we will stay in contact with you.

Admission Requirements

  • Associate of Arts and Sciences liberal arts associates degree from UW-Baraboo/Sauk County or other University of Wisconsin campuses = automatic admission
  • Liberal arts associates degrees from other institutions are reviewed as part of the application process
  • Applied associate degrees (i.e. technical degrees from institutions such as Madison College) are now eligible for application. As part of your application fee, we will review your transcript to see how many credits may transfer into the program (a maximum of 48 credits out of 120 needed for the degree may transfer). After your transcript review, you will receive a list of prerequisite courses you must take as part of the program before enrolling in junior/senior level courses.

Curriculum Requirements

  • 60 credits for graduation
  • Students may only take specific BAAS-designated courses (available BAAS courses listed here)
  • Minimum of 40 credits are junior/senior level courses (standard bachelor degree requirements)
  • 30-45 credits taken on UW-BSC campus
    • 3 core courses (9 credits):  Creativity & Problem Solving, The World in the 21st Century, BAAS Seminar & Project Management
    • 5 courses (15 credits) in Professional Experience Component:
      • 2 courses (6 credits) minimum in Internship
      • 1 course (3 credits) minimum Service Learning course
      • 2 courses (6 credits) additional Service Learning or Internship courses
  • Year-long, 2 courses (6 credits) Senior Capstone Seminar (guided individual research project)
  • Up to 5 courses (15 credits) to meet the 15 credit-requirement EACH of Cognitive Skills and Global Skills courses
  • Courses are offered in the following modes
    • Traditional, in-classroom, face-to-face
    • Live-time, interactive video shared with one other UW Colleges campus (video shown in campus distance education room to allow for full interaction with professor and other campus)
    • Live-time interactive video shared with multiple UW Colleges campuses  (video shown in campus distance education room to allow for full interaction with professor and other campuses)
    • 15-30 credits MUST taken online at UW-LaCrosse
      • Take a minimum of 5 courses (15 credits) to fulfill the 30-credit requirement (5 courses EACH) of Cognitive Skills and Global Studies Courses
      • Up to 5 courses (15 credits) to fulfill the Global Studies and Cognitive Skills course requirement may be taken at ANY of the following campuses – you must apply as a special guest BAAS student to these campuses
        • UW Superior
        • UW Stout
        • UW Stevens Point
        • UW Platteville
        • UW La Crosse
        • UW Parkside

 Institutions listed on the diploma are UW Colleges (degree-granting institution) and UW-Baraboo/Sauk County.  UW-L courses appear on the transcript, but UW-L does not appear on the diploma.


Between tuition, student fees, and textbooks – the cost of the BAAS program is approximately $24,000. See financial aid options below. Total cost will vary depending on the campuses where you take the 30 required global studies and cognitive skills courses.

Application Process

  • Current UW-BSC or UW System associate degree students (and May 2014 graduates): email from your UW email account to indicate that you are interested in entering the BAAS program after graduation. You must do this as a student the semester that you will be graduating or earlier.  There is no fee.
  • UW-BSC/UW System associate degree graduates: apply online to BOTH the UW-Baraboo/Sauk County BAAS program (do NOT pay the $44 application fee) and any of the UW partner institutions listed above where you would like to take an approved BAAS course (no application fee). Visit the UW common application website. Fall applications received before May 1 have the best chance for enrollment. Applications received between May 1 and August 29 can still have enrollment options, but fewer courses will be available.
  • Liberal arts AND technical associate degree holders from other institutionsapply online to UW-Baraboo/Sauk County and pay the $44 application fee. Visit the UW common application website. Your transcript will be reviewed and suggestions for additional prerequisite coursework will be provided to you in a few weeks. If accepted and have room in your schedule to take courses beyond the required prerequisites, apply using the same link to any of the UW partner institutions listed above and select the special/guest student BAAS program (there is no application fee for guest UW students).

Paying for the BAAS Program

UW-BSC Courses:  $267/credit hour (most courses are 3 credits) – tuition is due in full on the 10th day of classes for fall and spring semesters (Sep. 15, 2014 for Fall 2014).  You may make payments online through PRISM (Visa is now accepted) or by cash or check (payable to UW-BSC) in the campus Business Office, or through mail.  UW-BSC no longer requires a $100 ATD (Advanced Tuition Deposit).  Student must view and accept the terms and conditions found in their PRISM account before they can be enrolled. Tuition is due in full on the first day of summer or winter courses.  A payment plan with a $200 down payment is availablelate fees will be charged if this not completed by the first tuition due date.  Visit the UW Colleges website for full details.  Financial aid information is below.

UW-LaCrosse Courses: Tuition and fees are $1209.48 per course (all courses are 3 credits each) with a $6.50 Career Services fee each semester.  Pay tuition and fees online through the WINGS program.  Tuition is due in full after one month of classes.  UW La Crosse requires a $100 ATD (Advanced Tuition Deposit) for each semester. Find specific due dates and drop deadlines/tuition refund dates at Students who obtain a student ID (contact Eagle helpdesk on UW-L homepage) have all the rights of on-campus UW-L students (use of basic services at the UW-L student health center – this is NOT insurance, free admission to UW-L athletic events, free or reduced student admission to UW-L events such as concerts and lectures, free membership to all workout facilities, $3 halfday/$5 fullday UW-L parking) should they visit that campus.

Other BAAS UW Partner Institutions:  Information TBA.

Financial Aid

  • Students may apply for financial aid even before acceptance.  There is no fee for applying for financial aid. Visit the FAFSA website use the UW Colleges code 003897. Do not use any other campus code.
  • After application, students receive a letter informing them of awards available to them.  Some may be in the form of grants (do not need to be repaid if student maintains satisfactory academic progress) or loans (funds that need to be repaid with interest). 
  • Students choose which funds they would like to accept and mail back the letter to the address indicated on the form.
  • Student complete a short online financial aid quiz (after an online presentation) before they are eligible to receive funds.  You can take the quiz as many times as you like to pass.
  • All BAAS students using financial aid must fill out a Consortium Agreement form (from BAAS advisor) to receive funds to cover any UW-LaCrosse or other UW BAAS partner institution courses they take.
  • Students must maintain an overall 2.0 GPA in at least 6 credits to continue to receive financial aid.
  • Students must take at least one course at UW-BSC any semester they wish to take a course another institution.  (This requirement is only for students receiving financial aid.)
  • UW-LaCrosse tuition must be paid online through WINGS (other campus tuition is paid online through their campus-specific system) after receiving your financial aid check in the mail.  (Make sure your home address is correct in both PRISM and WINGS.  If you only have a PO Box, list your address as Business Office 1006 Connie Road Baraboo, WI  53913 and the business office will let you know when your check is ready.  This often takes up to 8-10 weeks from time of application – apply EARLY!)
  • UW-BSC course tuition is automatically deducted from your financial aid award; any excess funds will be mailed to you in the form of a paper check.  Use this for academic needs (other campus tuition, books, study materials, room & board, etc.).
  • Special for the BAAS Program:  Students receiving financial aid must send an official transcript from their other campus EVERY SEMESTER to to continue receiving financial aid. Order UW-L transcripts here ($10 each semester). View UW-La Crosse's transcript request page. (Links to other campus transcript ordering sites to be listed later.)

Registration Process

Make an appointment to meet with the BAAS program advisor by calling 608-355-5230.  The advisor will help map out your coursework options to obtain a degree within your desired timeframe.

After meeting with your advisor, you complete a form to add courses for UW-BSC courses, obtain the signature from your advisor, and the student affairs office will process your registration after you have completed the terms and conditions portion in your PRISM account.  Register for other campuses through their online portals (you receive access to this after you receive your acceptance email from that particular UW BAAS partner campus).

Advanced Tuition Deposit (ATD) requirement: You must pay a $100 deposit each semester at UW-LaCrosse or other UW BAAS partner campus to reserve your spot in your online courses (deposit is per semester, not per course). 

Register for UW-LaCrosse and other UW BAAS campus courses as soon as possible.  Online courses fill very quickly, and BAAS coursework is limited.


UW-BSC Courses:  Students purchase textbooks from their choice of online vendors; professors only require new books if indicated.  Giving students the freedom to choose their vendors allows them to find low prices.  Students who do not have funds for textbooks until financial aid disburses may fill out a contract (found on the textbook site) to have the UW-BSC library purchase the textbooks and then add the cost to the student’s UW-BSC tuition/fees bill. Order textbooks TWO WEEKS in advance of the start of classes to allow time for shipping. Find textbook information per course.

UW-L textbook rental: (you only pay $7.50 shipping) - from your LaCrosse email account, email your name, student number and the department, course and section information for each class you will be taking. They will provide you with further information regarding shipping, required condition of texts, and return procedures.

Other BAAS partner campus textbook procedures to be posted later.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • Students must maintain an overall cumulative 2.0 GPA to remain in the BAAS program.  Students who receive a D or lower in any UW-LaCrosse course may not take another UW-L course and cannot appeal (to UW-L) this decision for at least one academic year.  This is a campus-wide policy for all UW-LaCrosse students.
  • Students who are not using financial aid to pay for tuition and fees may take only one course per semester if they wish.
  • Students who wish to use financial aid must stay enrolled in at least 6 credits (usually this is 2 courses) each semester to achieve satisfactory academic progress to continue to receive financial aid.  Students who fail to complete 6 credits in any semester will be responsible for repaying any loans immediately and lower the chance of continuing to receive funds in the future.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Campus Clubs such as
    • Student Government Association
    • Outdoors Club
    • PRIDE
    • Green-STEM
    • Activities such as
      • Theatre
      • Concert Band
      • Jazz Band
      • Choir
      • New:  BAAS students are eligible to have one year of eligibility in varsity UW-BSC athletics (this applies to students who have not participated in sports before, or students who have already used 2 years of eligibility as an associate degree student).

UW-BSC Campus Services

  • Counseling services
  • Academic success/tutoring services
  • Free parking
  • Cafeteria on campus
  • Access to three computer labs on campus and free Wi-Fi throughout the campus
  • 100 free pages of black-and-white printing credited to printing account each semester
  • Eligibility to live in the residence hall apartments “The Villas at UW-Baraboo” on campus
  • Library Services
    • Instructional Technology Support
      • Microsoft Office Help
      • Audio Editing
      • Video Editing
      • Mac support
      • Blog/webpage development
      • SpiritCasting
      • Large scale printing
  • BAAS Specific Services
    • Dedicated login pages for multiple sites
    • BAAS dedicated ebook lists and library guides
    • Dedicated BAAS librarian
  • Research Assistance
    • Via chat, phone, email, or in-person
    • Figuring out research topic ideas
    • Finding background information on your topic
    • Identifying high quality, scholarly resources for your topic or project
    • Strategizing on how to manage citations

Focus on Skills

The BAAS degree includes a strong component of community involvement and practical experience, and is heavily weighted toward the skills that employers have told us they want:

  • Reading, writing, and math skills
  • The ability to work well in teams
  • The ability to assimilate information and solve complex problems
  • Awareness of global issues and cultures

BAAS Features

The BAAS degree has several innovative features:

  • A professional experience component that includes internships and service-learning
  • A year-long senior capstone seminar allowing you to focus on an individualized research project
  • Credit for prior learning, if you can show that you have knowledge equivalent to a university-level course required for the BAAS degree
  • Flexible course delivery, including online classes, accelerated short-course formats, and evening or weekend courses