Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences

Spring Enrollment

Spots Are Limited - Apply by Dec. 20 

Spots in this program are limited - apply now to guarantee your place.

Enrollment takes a minimum of two weeks from the time of your first advising appointment on campus. To enroll in the BAAS program, you must have a UW-BSC Associate of Arts & Science degree, or an equivalent liberal arts associate's degree. If you would like to find out if the BAAS is right for you, please read the documents below and contact an advisor in the Office of Student Affairs. 608-355-5230 or

Application Process

  • Read all documents below for information about the program
  • Make an appointment with an advisor (see above)
  • UW-BSC Alumni: Apply online/application fee is waived
  • December 2013 UW-BSC graduates:  Contact the Student Affairs office in writing to indicate your intent to apply for the program (no fee)
  • Others with a Liberal Arts associate's degree*:  Apply online - there is a one-time $44 application fee 
  • Apply for financial aid (free application) use UW Colleges code 003897 as soon as possible
    • Apply again as a special non-degree-seeking guest student at UW-LaCrosse (no application fee) and select the UW-BSC BAAS degree option

*Part of the $44 application fee will be a review of your associate's degree transcript to see if your coursework qualifies as an approved liberal arts associate's degree.

Registration Process

  • UW-BSC BAAS Courses on campus:  Select coursework with advisor and sign course add form
  • Pay $100 advanced tuition deposit to reserve your spot in the courses
  • UW-LaCrosse BAAS Courses online: use login information to WINGS registration portal that will be emailed to you after your application is processed
  • Pay $100 advance tuition deposit online at UW-L  to reserve spots by Nov. 11 - online classes fill almost immediately

Spring 2014 BAAS Courses

  • Students who apply after Nov. 1 may only take UW-BSC courses this semester. Students must maintain enrollment in at least 2 courses to maintain financial aid eligibility.
  • Students who applied before Nov. 1 are required to enroll in at least one course at UW-BSC and one BAAS course online through UW-LaCrosse each semester. (This requirement will be applied to all students for all future semesters.)
  • UW-BSC Available Courses
    • ENG 305 Literature in Communities - Monday 5:30 - 8:15 p.m. - Face to Face Classroom Environment - Frances Auld (Service Learning)
    • POL 311 International Political Economy - Tuesday 5:45 - 8:30 p.m. - Face to Face Classroom Environment - Shitao Huo (Global Studies)
    • LEC 290 Creativity and Problem Solving - Wednesday 5:30 - 8:15 p.m. - Live Time Interactive Video On Campus - Marnie Dresser (Core Required Course)
    • ENG 381 Literature, Disaster in Japan (study abroad option - not required - for last week of May) - Tuesday 3 - 5:30 p.m. - Live Time Interactive Video on Campus - Lee Freiderich (Service Learning)
  • UW-La Crosse Courses (No Longer Available for Spring '14) - All Online (May Take from Home or Use Campus Computer Labs)
    • CST 380 Communicating Leadership (Cognitive Skills)
    • ENG 307 Writing for Management, Public Relations and the Professions (Cognitive Skills)
    • CST 355 Diversity and Communications in Organizations (Cognitive Skills)

BAAS and Financial Aid

  • The BAAS degree program tuition, along with UW-LaCrosse tuition, is higher than the UW-BSC associate's degree
  • Those eligible for financial aid will have amounts adjusted to reflect higher tuition
  • All students receiving financial aid must sign a consortium agreement (obtain from advisor) each semester to receive additional funding needed for UW-L coursework
  • Students pay for UW-L coursework online through UW-L WINGS portal, using "excess" funds received after UW-BSC tuition has automatically been deducted
  • Students must remain enrolled in at least one UW-BSC course and one UW-L course to receive financial aid funds
  • Students who drop courses below this requirement will be immediately billed by the loan originator
  • Apply for financial aid (free application) using UW Colleges code 003897
    • Spring 2014: Apply as soon as possible (don't wait for acceptance to program - this is a free application)
    • Fall 2014: Apply by Feb. 1 when income taxes are complete - late applications may not receiving funding
  • Students must mail official transcripts from UW-L to UW-BSC each semester to continue to receive financial aid

Focus on Skills

The BAAS degree includes a strong component of community involvement and practical experience, and is heavily weighted toward the skills that employers have told us they want:

  • Reading, writing, and math skills
  • The ability to work well in teams
  • The ability to assimilate information and solve complex problems
  • Awareness of global issues and cultures

BAAS Features

The BAAS degree has several innovative features:

  • A professional experience component that includes internships and service-learning
  • A year-long senior capstone seminar allowing you to focus on an individualized research project
  • Credit for prior learning, if you can show that you have knowledge equivalent to a university-level course required for the BAAS degree
  • Flexible course delivery, including online classes, accelerated short-course formats, and evening or weekend courses


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